Killer First Impressions

Learn how to WOW and impress others, find out why first impressions matter, where you're going wrong and how to make an impact in those first few seconds.

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Expert Conversations

Find out how to create meaningful conversations on any topic, that flow effortlessly, while coming across confident and witty, avoiding that awkward silence.

Our Social Aims

Increase Confidence

Develop confidence, enabling you to expertly talk to anyone no matter what their status is. Harness positive thinking, as well as understanding over confidence, in order to build rapport with others.


Learn to inspire and awaken emotions, connect with your audience by becoming memorable through storytelling. Learn what makes a great story and how to create excitement out of nothing.

Magnetic Presence

Become authentic and genuine, connect better with others, inspire them to give you opportunities, while increasing your likeability factor to be more successful.


Identify yourself as a leader to others, regardless if you are an extrovert or introvert. Learn how to use leadership to increase likeability, while enhancing performance in others creating opportunities.

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Be the Most Likeable Person in the Room

Close the gap between where you are today – and where you deserve to be. Be memorable and make an impact through the Power of Charisma.

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What makes a great leader

What Makes a GREAT Manager?

More often than not the chances are that at some point or another in our careers we have all experienced a bad manager.  Some of us have experienced a good manager, but what makes a GREAT manager? We are talking about exceptional leadership that can drive a team into success beyond expectations. Is it true …

Lets Level Up

Why Charisma in a Job Interview is your Secret Weapon

One thing people do not use enough is charisma in a job interview. With Covid-19 everyone has been affected on the job front, including businesses. Many of us have been put on furlough, which has given some of us the opportunity to reassess our current career situations and take some time out to think about …

Lets Level Up
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