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What is Art of Charisma?

We design specific courses & masterclasses to improve your leadership, management & relationship building skills. Our courses will enhance your overall confidence and make you the most likeable person in the room. We think differently and believe that is why our courses always over deliver

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Ignite your Charisma

Unlock your ability to persuade anyone in any situation authentically & genuinely with our charisma masterclass

Who is Charisma Courses For?

Coaching is for everyone! It doesn’t matter if you want to get a high performance from your team, work better with stakeholders, or cultivate strong work & social relationships. People & social skills are essential in business to make you a better leader.

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Art of Charisma and Charisma Coaching

Benefits of charisma training

The Art of Charisma Course will not only make you a more likeable person but members of a team will want to work harder for you which will increase profitability, make teams work better together so no more office politics and build great bonds with clients as people buy from people

Get serious about your charisma!

By getting serious about learning charisma you can excel in every job interview, engage in memorable meetings and be the person everyone wants in their team.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Charisma is a skill and like all skills they can be learned & honed. Charisma boiled down is being an genuine authentic person who takes an interest in others and can show empathy. You can apply to tools so that in any situation you can be more likeable, memorable and influence others. Learn more about the importance of charisma.

Booking your own sessions couldn’t be easier, you can schedule your own session on a day and time which best suits you. These can be booked singularly or blocked booked depending on your requirements. Our online system gives you the best experience possible. BOOK NOW

If you work in a team and deal with people we can create a session tailored to your environment giving you the skills to deal with difficult co-workers, influence colleagues and create a team culture that everyone loves.

Your session is 100% bespoke. Before your first lesson we offer a complimentary ‘Getting to Know You’ consultation where we learn about your needs in order to design a programme so you get the maximum from your coaching.

Our masterclasses are bespoke, you can have a full day training or have the programme broken into 1 hour slots. You can also block book your sessions and receive a discount. If you are interested in block booking send us a message at

Having over 10 years experience in understanding and decoding people we will be supporting and advising every step of the way.

The format of the session changes from client to client and is led by you and your requirements. Training doesn’t end there we are on hand to support.  To maximise your time we offer a bespoke service and deliver techniques, advice, education and tips.