My ambition is that I want to show you how to be more likeable, more confident and achieve more of what you deserve.

When I was younger I used to love watching superhero movies. My favourite scenes were when the superhero would look cool, kick everyone’s ass and finish on an epic one-liner that was clever & witty, while saving the universe.

Even while watching boxing matches, such Conner McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather, I always admired their ability to strut across the stage, engage with the crowd, having them hang on every word or gesture effortlessly. This grabbed my attention, made me sit up and realise that these people had some magic, which I later learned was charisma.

In my everyday life I noticed that, friends, family, colleagues etc who came over confident and authentic, had the ability talk to anyone as if they were guests on a TV talk show.

I also found in my work life that there were some managers who could get staff excited and motivated over the most mundane tasks, directors who could impress investors to secure large amounts of capital and sales people who would have immense rapport with clients to keep them coming back.

All these people had something in common, they understood the ‘ART OF CHARISMA’

Which is where I come in…

Where do you want to be 6 Months from now?

Communication is such a powerful tool. It help us overcome challenges and reignite our mojo. For years I would always put my foot in my mouth, in fact, If I’m honest it was a miracle I could get any words out at all as both feet were in my mouth! I was well known for blurting out the wrong thing at the most inappropriate times and was the pioneer of the mantra ‘fake it until I make it’.

I didn’t know everything, but what I did have was energy and enthusiasm to educate myself on a subject I was obsessed with. Don’t get me wrong, It took time and didn’t happen overnight, but one day I made the conscious decision that enough was enough. I couldn’t keep bulldozing my way through life, letting opportunities pass me by, because I was unable to communicate my ideas, show confidence and be authentic.

Obtaining good people skills takes time, you need to create habits and have the correct mindset. Charisma is a group of skills, and like all skills they can be practised, learned and improved. The good news is you already have a degree of charisma, you just don’t know it!

Most of us take soft skills for granted and think what we have is as good as it is going to get. It’s not true, to really excel in business or your personal life its imperative to master and understand them and to be able to use them in the correct context.

Even when the robots are ready take over the world (hopefully not too soon), we’ll still need to have the ability to interact with others and that’s when we’ll appreciate the people skills we’ve learned over the years.