Why Charisma in a Job Interview is your Secret Weapon

One thing people do not use enough is charisma in a job interview. With Covid-19 everyone has been affected on the job front, including businesses. Many of us have been put on furlough, which has given some of us the opportunity to reassess our current career situations and take some time out to think about what we want  to do and possibly decide to make a career change after lock-down, we  don’t yet know if we will even have our jobs to go back to.

Because job security is uncertain, people are taking the opportunity to change their employment and step onto a career path that they are passionate about, this entails doing the rounds and trying to make yourself stand out at interviews.

Interviews can be intimidating and quite daunting, however, you can use your charisma at a job interview to bag that dream job after Covid-19.

How can Charisma in a job interview help?

Being charismatic for a job interview is super important, as one of the deciding factors employers ask themselves is “do I like this person” and “could I work with this person every day”. If it comes down to you or another candidate and you both have the same amount of experience, they are going to go with the person they like the best ….. and that person has to be YOU!

The job interview is a two-way process so you will want to build a relationship with the person interviewing you and show them that you are confident and assertive without being bolshie. These will ultimately benefit you as they will compliment your experience. However, you only have a limited amount of time to do this going in cold to an interview.

Mistakes to avoid while trying to be charismatic in a job interview.

There is a very fine line between confidence and arrogance, so you’ll have to tread lightly. Don’t be over confident in describing your achievements, talk with conviction but don’t labour on them to the point the interviewer(s) are rolling their eyes and starting to yawn, or even worse looking at their watch.

Do not get side-tracked by the rapport building, there will be more opportunities to talk and build a relationship, don’t take every single breathing moment to ask them about them and their hobbies and be over gushing. Remember they want to find out as much about you and your possible fit into the company in the time allocated.

It is also common to talk quickly in an interview when you are nervous. Try and slow the interview down a bit, take deep breaths and talk slowly.  If you are talking quickly just pause, the interviewer(s) will think you are just thinking about your answers.

The last thing is to be aware of your body language. Our bodies give out signs naturally without us realising it. Get familiar with your posture, how you want to be portrayed and how you shake hands etc also be in-tune with yourself so you know when its going a bit off, because if you don’t, it can affect your charisma throughout the interview.

How to be more charismatic during a job Interview

1. Embrace the small talk

Some people dread small talk, however, in an interview there’s not many opportunities to build rapport, as traditionally the interviewer(s) are asking you the questions. It’s usually at the start and at the end of the interview as an example:

Beginning of the interview “Did you get here OK?” “Did you manage to get parked?” “How have you been so far?”

Embrace the small talk opportunity to ask about them, how long they have been with the company, how did they get started etc?

There will also be an opportunity at the end of the interview an example would be:

At the end of the interview “What have you got on for the rest of the day?” “Are you going back to work?” or “Do you have any other questions?”.

This is your opportunity to relay back some more of your experience you didn’t talk about during the interview for example “yes I am off to see a regular we always have really good conversations”

2. Listen with intent

Charisma in a job interview listen more

Listening is such an important part of the job interview process not only because when you’re asked something you can give a well thought out answer but also listen before you go in. Listen to the receptionist, listen to other employee’s small talk, listen to the chitter chatter. This is important as it could give you some information to take in with you to the interview.

If, for example, you are listening to a receptionist’s phone call and it sounds like she is dealing with a difficult customer, you can bring that up in the interview. You can say “While I was waiting, I overheard the receptionist dealing with a difficult customer, I actually have some experience with that”

You never know what you will pick up and the interviewer will be impressed about how sharp and switched on you are.

3. Practise eye contact

Charisma in a Job Interview make eye contact.

As it’s an interview chances are you are very nervous, which is understandable, however, you must maintain eye contact with the interviewer and not drift to looking out of the window or at the wallpaper around the room.

You only have a short window to build a connection so you have to make use of eye contact, avoid staring at the floor and looking at the ceiling. Look directly at the person while delivering your answer, if there are two or three interviewers make sure, when you are answering, that you look at each individual one for the same duration, and smile!

 4. Ask them some questions

Charisma in a job interview ask questions

At the end of each interview they usually give you the opportunity to ask them some questions, This is your one final chance to clear up any misunderstandings that might have cropped up during the interview, show your personality and passion for the position and build rapport, it’s the only time where the floor is yours.

Used wisely this can increase your liability factor as you can ask questions about the role, the company, the team and get a common connection with them, it shows that you’re engaged and actually interested.

Prep yourself before the interview with some top-notch questions and avoid the old stale ones. Avoid asking questions related to wages, colleagues and holidays as that come across like you don’t care about the role just the benefits.

It’s important to ask open ended questions related to the role as this then requires more than a yes or no answer, such as:

“Can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of this job?”

“What do you think are the most important qualities for someone to excel in this role?”

“What is the typical career path for someone in this role?”

“How do I compare with the other candidates you’ve interviewed for this role?”

Get Confident

Charisma in a Job Interview

You want to have the eye of the tiger and be confident for the interview.  The only way to do that is to research the company and role inside out. Understand the company’s values, what their customers are saying about them and what makes them different in the market. Depending on the role you might want to be a mystery or difficult shopper/client/customer to find out how the company deal with this and bring the results up in the interview.

Think in your head that you already have the job and visualise yourself working there.

You also want to prepare answers for some questions they may ask such as:

“Why do you want this job?”

“Tell us a bit about yourself”

“What is your greatest weakness”


Interviews can be intimidating; we feel like we are being judged (which we are) and it can be uncomfortable. You shouldn’t let the occasion get to you and allow another person pip you to the post for your dream job. Your charisma in a job interview can support you and back up your experience.

Learn to maintain eye contact with the interviewer(s), this will make you appear confident, even when you’re nervous, remember the interviewer(s) don’t know how nervous you are.

Prepare a handful of questions to ask the interviewer, not only for the small talk but also to enquire more about the opportunity and company.

Listening can be over looked during an interview as you are eager to answer the questions, listen to your surroundings you may pick up a few tips.

Do your research it will make you feel more confident. That is how you can use charisma in a job interview