It's time to fix unemployment

Art of Charisma is a social enterprise which creates masterclasses and training to enhance employability skills all focused around charisma.

Scotland's only Charisma Training Company

What's the Problem?

In the UK out of the 1.31 million people that were unemployed in 2019, almost half that number that were out of work in 2011, following the global financial crisis.

Nevertheless, in the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic that hit the United Kingdom in early 2020, it has been forecast that unemployment will reach ten percent in the second quarter of 2020. These horrifying statistics shook the team at Art of Charisma, and therefore, they wanted to create something which would deliver an impact directly into the community.

As a Social Enterprise we wanted to create social goals and objectives for our company so that we would be in a position to help employability in the UK.

By providing essential employability and soft skills training to those who need it most; such as young adults, unemployed and formerly incarcerated.

Employability training can not only help people bag the job of their dreams but also help them improve the relationships that they have with people outside of work, so they can build friendships, create romantic relationships and reconnect with people from their past and embrace new connections with confidence.

Scotland's only Charisma Training Company

What We Want to Deliver

Scotland's only Charisma Training Company

Going Forward

The challenges ahead for everyone are tough, however, Art of Charisma aims to focus on a movement to empower people to change the world. If people ‘like’ you then you can go on to become an influential leader, sway the minds of politicians and law makers, get investors to back your idea and get more opportunities to come your way. Quite frankly if people like you the world is your oyster!