Popular Fictitious Theories Stopping You Succeeding

There are many theories stopping you succeeding, yet we believe the distinct lack of effective people skills is what holds most of us back. If you are looking to successfully network to gain more clients, be able to influence a supplier to achieve a better deal, increase you friend circle or be able to build better relationships over all you will need people skills. There are some of the most popular fictitious theories stopping you succeeding around people skills.

Fiction 1: You’re born with people skills — and that’s as good as they get.

Wrong! People skills are developed over the duration of your life. Everyone learns at a different pace, and at different stages. Some might have a head start over others and find it easier to pick up. Charisma is not something that is ‘natural’ it has to be cultivated.

Truth: Regardless of what degree of people skills you have right this minute, you can proactively improve them going forward.

While people are unaware of what it is that makes them charismatic or indeed lacking in charisma, by educating yourself on the science of people and social skills you are enabling yourself to reach for your personal potential and in doing so propelling your relationships forward. This is what is stopping you succeeding.

Fiction 2: People skills are designed for manipulation.

Wrong! Those who make the decision to educate and enhance their social skills are usually positive people with a positive desire to do well, they are just held back by how they think others see them.

These individuals are usually genuine, intelligent, hard working and conscientious, however, because they have never learned the know-how of communication, they emanate the wrong vibes, in doing so others fail to recognize them for who they truly are.

Truth: Adjusting your beliefs together with your impression as to the way people see you as well as allowing your personality to shine through isn’t being manipulative — it’s being authentic.

The focus of people skills isn’t to deceive people — it’s to understand and be understood. In doing so creating a win win for both yourself and those you are communicating with in order to aim for successful relationships. Everyone around you as well as yourself benefits from learning people and social skills.

Fiction 3: You must be an extrovert to be charismatic.

There is no right or wrong answer here, to be charismatic, it’s true that many of the world’s most powerful, influential and authentic communicators and leaders are extreme introverts and again some of the most cringe-worthy, awkward, and inauthentic people can be extroverts. There is no one right way to be charismatic.

Truth: Ultimately the most elite people skills are learned…and we all have our own exclusive j’ne sais quoi of charisma.

By educating yourself on the rules of communication, you’ll be one step ahead of the extrovert who is oblivious of the game being played around them. The name of the game is not about trying to be a carbon copy of someone else it’s about promoting your own strengths and abilities enabling you to convey your own ideas with ease. These are just Theories stopping you succeeding, you can change today!

Here’s the issue:

At school we all learn technical skills, job skills and practical skills, however we are not taught people or social skills. In fact, the majority of us do not have the tools required to succeed. The theories stopping you succeeding is simple.

Regardless of how accomplished you are, success is a dream, if you are unable to interview effectively, negotiate your value, or be a crucial member of a team. You warrant recognition for your talents. Your ideas and thoughts deserve to be heard and you deserve to be paid what you’re worth.

For this reason, Art of Charisma has devised a unique people and social skills training course. For all those people which communication and social skills were not taught at school or that you were not exposed to throughout life experiences, have been condensed in a step-by-step relatable guide to help you create connections with anyone. Communications which are authentic and meaningful and also help make friendships and stimulates success in your personal and work life. Social skills which you will have for life and can adapt to any situation wherever your future takes you.

What does this Enable you to do?

  • Stand out from your peers and get new and better job opportunities.
  • Become a trusted and respected leader and inspire others to take action.
  • Attract new clients and get them engaged about you and your ideas.
  • Have deep and meaningful connections with friends and family.

Regardless of what you want to achieve in life, People Skills are the ONE universal skill that accelerates success. Once you have learnt the know how behind social interaction and understanding people, all those opportunities that you felt were for others will now be yours for the taking, success will be within your reach.

What you need to think about.

Can you imagine being excited to get into work each day, having the ability to speak with confidence and know that you are saying exactly the correct words within every conversation and leaving both yourself and everyone else you mix with feeling good.

Being popular, friends, colleagues, family and bosses, although they will be unable to put their finger on just what it is that has changed about you but at the same time enjoying being around your new positive and confident aura…. you will know exactly what it is!

For the first time people stop and listen to your ideas and presentations using their natural body language to show their concentration by leaning forward towards you, giving you their full attention.

At a social gathering or event, you engage in meaningful a conversation with stranger, confident in the knowledge that should you wish to meet them again or conduct any business with them then you will have the opportunity to do so.

Having the likebility factor, being genuinely authentic, the freedom to go anywhere meet anyone from friends, colleagues or VIPs and have confidence in the knowledge that you will be able to make exciting and interesting conversations.

Relating to your friends and family in purposeful and profound ways leaving them feeling secure and thankful to be with you.

Loving how you sound and look on video calls and during presentations. You have the ability to learn power body language and vocal charisma.

All of this is achievable. Trust us! We have helped thousands of people, just like you. Have a look at our coaching scheme and see how we can help you.