That’s right! You can become more charismatic, more memorable and more authentic!

Learn world-class essential soft skills that will help you climb the career ladder, become the manager you want to be or make yourself a better prospect to new employers.

Fast-track your success through our online coaching that will teach you the essential skills you were not taught in school.

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Have you ever said something like....

"The Job Was Already Gone"

“Yeah, I felt like I interviewed well for the job, but it seemed like the position was already gone before I got there”

"I Never Know What to Say"

“I really don’t want to go to this event, I don’t know anyone and I never know what to say to new people”

"Manager Never Picks My Ideas"

“Every meeting I go to ,it's obvious that the manager picks the ideas from his favourites”

"People Don't Like Me at First"

“People say they didn’t like me when we first meet, but once they get to know me they do”

"I Never Get Invited to Events"

“It feels like I never get invited to events or social gatherings that are organised my friends”

Induction Video for Charisma Coaching

Isn’t it about time people started recognising your talents, ideas and passion?

Lets Have Some Real Talk

How to build confidence

The frustration of wanting to get on with everyone but somehow never clicking with colleagues or managers can affect your own success.

When it comes to a promotion, asking for a raise or winning clients, believe it or not… 

  • 10% of that decision comes down to your performance at work.
  • 30% of that decision comes down to image and what people think of you.
  • A crazy 60% comes down to your exposure in the company. That’s is your charisma.

Be honest with yourself how well do you come across, What do people genuinely think of you? How positive are you, what’s your own personal brand and how can you improve it?

How to deal with conflict

What you need is an action-plan, techniques and a trusted partner in crime.

Find how you can use charisma to your advantage

Myths About Charisma

You're born with charisma, you either have it or you don’t.

WRONG! Charisma is an essential soft skill such as creativity or communication, everyone has it and even better, as a skill you can improve it.

Charisma is for celebrities, politicians and second hand car salespeople

WRONG! Charisma is for everyone! If you are looking to build deep relationships within your work or personal lives the skills are the same.

Charisma is evil

WRONG! Charisma is like money, power and science, it can be used for good or for evil. However, we only work with people who are committed to use their powers for good. If you are looking to deceive or manipulate others then this it’s not for you.

Charisma is just for the extroverted

WRONG! Everyone has their own unique style of charisma. We’re not making you something you’re not, its about being authentic and genuine. Charisma is a tool to help portray yourself in the best way possible it’s not about being the loudest person in the room.

Charisma is just for finding romance

WRONG! In 2020 Linkedin rated communication, people skills and being able to get on with others as the most desirable soft skills that employers look for when hiring someone. Let’s read between the lines, your face has to fit! Which is not something to be intimidate by, you can people-hack your way to getting more opportunities and have deeper connections with others by using the Power of Charisma.

Here’s What You're Going To Get With My Personal Charisma Coaching

Charisma Fact Finding Session

It's time to get right down into the nitty gritty of how charisma can improve your life. We then tailor a programme specific to you & your circumstances.

Powerful Charisma Coaching

From 90mins to 2hrs we deliver impactful coaching sessions which cover effective communication techniques and practical exercises, here is where the hard work begins.


Now this is homework your going to love, with notes and worksheets to go through to compliment your coaching sessions. We want you to put into practice what you have learned.

Unlimited SOS Coaching Calls

Did a situation happen at work or an event that you want to analyse or perhaps you'd like to get a little ahead on a social gathering or meeting you have coming up? Schedule a SOS call to get in the zone and on top of your game.

Unlimited SOS Email support

At any point during our coaching, out with our sessions, you can reach out to us and get additional support via email.

Real Life Practical Exercises

During the coaching we will carry out real life everyday scenarios to show how all the skills you've learned can be used daily and will stay with you for life.

What if I could tell you…

You didn’t need to get anxious when you first meet someone, that all interactions can flow effortlessly with little to no awkward silences.

You can ooze confidence while delivering presentations to colleagues, directors and clients in board meetings or conferences.

You can make deeper connections and build better rapport with anyone, making others feel like a million dollars while being memorable.

What’s this means for you?

This means levelling up your charisma, so that you have more influence in your industry, can become the key person in your team, grow your confidence and understand that you already have the skills and experience to succeed.

Here’s How to Move Forward...

Apply For Coaching

Fill out the quick and easy coaching application form to see if we are a match! We want to work with driven individuals who are committed to improving their people skills.

Free Fact Find Session

Reserve a date in the diary to schedule your complimentary Charisma Fact Find session. This is a friendly Q&A, however, I want to dig deep and understand the future you want to create.

Build Rapport

Building a relationship between us is really important. After all this is a two way street. So if you are comfortable working with me, we can enrol you, get the ball rolling and begin the charisma process.

Coaching can help you

Having the ultimate coach to take your charisma to the next level in your corner is invaluable. Don’t wait any longer to start unlocking a greater influence over others

The Man Behind The Charm

Image of Sebastian

Sebastian Walls

Training Lead

Hey there my name’s Sebastian!

I’ve a confession to make… I’m not perfect… However, I am a real people geek.

Because of this I’ve helped hundreds of people to improve their overall confidence, storytelling and communication skills. Empowering them to get that promotion, ask for that raise or achieve their goals.  One thing my students have in common, is that they are committed to improving their overall charisma and are passionate about people.

I’ve helped individuals, business owners and companies located worldwide, become more successful by harnessing charisma to increase sales, motivate staff and build quality relationships creating a positive work environment.

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