Want to become a Wizard with people and really get to know what makes them tick?

Learn how to feel confident in all situations, when speaking to anyone enabling you to create new opportunities and climb the career ladder faster.

About The Masterclass

Communication Training Scotland

The Art of Charisma Masterclass is a people based communication training programme. It’s designed for anyone who is goal oriented, who wants to build deeper connections, have better rapport and stand out amongst their colleagues and friends.

The Masterclass is for someone who wants to  enhance their life and social skills. All this can be achieved through using the power of Charisma!

Learn Soft Skills to Network

Induction Video for the Art of Charisma Masterclass

The Man Behind The Charm

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Sebastian Walls

Training Lead

Hey there my name’s Sebastian!

I’ve a confession to make… I’m not perfect… However, I am a real people geek.

Because of this I’ve helped hundreds of people to improve their overall confidence, storytelling and communication skills. Empowering them to get that promotion, ask for that raise or achieve their goals.  One thing my students have in common, is that they are committed to improving their overall charisma and are passionate about people.

I’ve helped individuals, business owners and companies located worldwide, become more successful by harnessing charisma to increase sales, motivate staff and build quality relationships creating a positive work environment.

6 Quality Skills that will make you Charismatic

Here’s a Taster of What You're Going to Learn on The Masterclass

Killer First Impressions

Learn how to make an amazing first impression, avoid those awkward first moments and feel confident to approach anyone.

Expert Conversations

Find out what makes people tick, how to build rapport, inject humour into conversations and how to avoid those awkward silences.


Develop an incredible ability to tell a captivating story and how to turn boring stories into exciting moments that inspire others.


Improve your leadership qualities, become a natural at motivating others, delivering captivating presentations and inspiring positivity amongst your team.

Magnetic Presence

Be more likeable in any situation, learn how to use your body language and hand gestures to build trust and confidence in others, enabling you to become more magnetic.


Develop unbreakable confidence in your self and others to be taken seriously, valued as a expert, showing savvy in your field.

Lets Have Some REAL talk…

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

Stuggle with Socialising?

The thought of socialising at the office party or mixing at a networking event, having to force yourself to approach some stranger, makes you break out in a cold sweat with dread and fear, sending you into a panic.

Get tongue-tied?

You’re consistently running out of things to say, get tongue tied when racking your brains to fill the silence gap, trip over your words when asked a question or cringe when everyone’s looking at you during a presentation.

Become More Authentic?

You’ve been trying to ‘fake it till you make it’ and it’s still not worked! You feel uncomfortable showing your true self, trying to fit in with the office crowed makes you feel like an outsider as they just don’t get you.

Lack conviction?

You’ve got great ideas but lack the confidence to voice them in the boardroom or to colleagues in a way that they’re taken seriously, opinions are dismissed without any credit and for some reason no one listens to you.

Do Too Much for Others?

You’re unable to say ‘No’ to others, you feel guilty and worry that you’ll offend people, so end up being a ‘yes’ person at the detriment of your own happiness. Showcasing your strengths and attributes to bosses can feel overwhelming.

Looking for that extra something?

You’re a driven individual who’s already achieved great things, however, you just can’t get to the next level. Perhaps you’ve been overlooked for promotion, or you’re taken for granted? You see others who don’t have your expertise get the success you know you deserve. You need an edge for respect and career prospects.

We are Here to Help...

So What's the Problem?

At school we all learned how to read, write and do maths. However, while they’re all essential skills, we were never taught how to actually interact and communicate with other people, messing around in the playground is not enough. More importantly, we never realised how valuable these skills would be throughout our lives.

Lets face it, up till now we’ve not received or picked up the communication skills we need to succeed in life. It doesn’t matter how experienced or qualified we are, if we’re unable to build rapport, negotiate successfully or inspire others, then without a doubt we are destined to fail.

It’s time you were recognised for your talents, get the raise you deserve and have meaningful relationships with others. That’s why I’ve created the ultimate training tool, in your back pocket. These essential soft skills are all you will need to succeed in your career and personal life.

My goal is to teach you the fundamental communication skills you require to reach your potential. You’ll have them for the rest of your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to network with CEO’s, convey your importance to a boss or convince a toddler to get changed, these skills will carry you through all aspects of your life.

What is Charisma?

While we’d like to believe that Charisma is a secret power, only reserved for the fortunate few, who were blessed with it, that is simply not true. Charisma is many things and comes in various guises, such as confidence, influence, persuasion, likeability etc but ultimately it’s a group of essential soft skill which can be learned, practised, and honed so that you can have better relationships with others.

Charisma is basically an exceptional array of people skills, for example; being able to have interesting and meaningful conversations, building trust, tell great stories, being confident, creating great impressions and most importantly being memorable.

How It Works

1. Information Gathering

Schedule your complimentary Zoom call for a one to one taster. I can obtain more specific information about you, in order to tailor the program to make it more bespoke to your needs and requirements.

2. Sign Up

Once you've received your unique training programme, sign up to the ‘Art of Charisma Masterclass' and start learning via a one-to-one video call at a time which suits your schedule.

3. Kick Start The Charisma

Your journey starts immediately through theory and practical based tutorials.

What You Will Get...

Learn Charisma Online

Six, one hour video call sessions with me, Sebastian, covering each skill set, exercises, techniques and tips to improve your charisma. Not only that, but you will have homework and session guides for each module to set you on your way.

Live coaching via zoom

Is it Right for you?

Art of Charisma is for you if...

Art of Charisma is NOT for you if...

Bring Out The Charisma in You!

You’ve come this far… only one more step to take… go on, make the ultimate change to your life. With my help I can give you the tools and techniques you need to give yourself an edge from a 100% people geek.

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