The Tell Tale Signs People Skills Are Holding You Back

There are many reasons why your own people skills are holding you back. We are here to tell you enough is enough. You may have missed out on opportunities which were destined for you, relationships with others that would of fulfilled you together with life changing experiences. If you are unsure if your people skills are holding you back then here are the tell tale signs that your people skills are holding you back!

  • Something may have knocked your confidence in the past and you haven’t quite figured out how to get back on track.
  • You know you’re talented, but dread asking for a raise, raising your rates or negotiating for what you know you deserve.
  • You are often under-appreciated for your hard work because you don’t always know how to showcase your strengths. You may have even gotten mediocre reviews, despite your intelligence and hard work.
  • You have trouble saying no — to events that drain you, to social obligations and to toxic people.
  • You have great ideas, but have trouble getting them adopted. (And the typical elevator pitch makes your skin crawl!)
  • You want a strong network with high quality contacts without having to go to a networking event every single night of the week (or be a smarmy salesman).
  • You want to have influence without being inauthentic.
  • You find your schedule constantly packed, but it feels like you’re constantly reacting to the world around you instead of intentionally driving your life forward.
  • You’ve already achieved a certain degree of success, but you know you can do much more. You want to live up to your full potential, but your 5 year plan is worryingly ambiguous.
People Skills Are Holding You Back

If these statements sound familiar, and you’ve tried self-help books, therapy, certification programs, or getting more formal education to make things better — and it hasn’t worked — it’s time to focus on your charisma and people skills.