What to Expect when dating in Scotland

Dating in Scotland is VERY different compared to dating around the rest of the UK. There are a few things you need to expect when you start dating in Scotland. It’s easy to think that woman are woman and men are men no matter where you go, a very understandable statement however,  us Scots are a rare breed and that would be your first mistake! Scottish folk are a one off when it comes to relationships. Here is what you should expect when dating in Scotland.

Banter comes before Romance

Banter and sense of humour is such an important part of Scottish life, so much so that many people would rather be with someone who can make them laugh and have a good time with rather than someone suave and well bred. The banter is also very unique – think of it like dating on the playground – where making fun of each other actually means they like you, and the more aggressive the abuse they like you even more!

Whatever you do will get back to the Mothers, Sisters, Brothers & Best Friends

You will not want to take a Scottish person on a ‘Cheesy’ date as whatever you do or say will 100% get back to their mother and Friends, so you can forget a second date!

 Chances are their friends have already Facebook stalked you, done a full analysis and managed to pull out your dental records all before the first date.

Making a good first impression also applies to the friends and family so be careful what you say as nothing is sacred it will all be recited back regurgitated and you will be hung and quartered before desert.

Football is Life & Death

Dating in Scotland - Art of Charisma - Celtic

Irrelevant where you are from in the world football is important yet the Scots take it to a whole new level.

People in certain parts of the country pick their romantic partners based on the football team they support, I jest not, and would never fraternise with a rival team. It will come up in conversation so you perhaps want to swat up on the ‘correct’ team to support because it could otherwise end badly, us Scots take no prisoners!

Date Locations

Dating in Scotland - Art of Charisma

When it comes to planning a date avoid, anything too adventurous chances are the weather is going to be shocking.

Keep your hill walks and outside activities – it may seem cute and romantic to go a deux, hand in hand hill walking or some other outside pursuit, forget it,  trust us it’s not worth it, it will not be appreciated and word will get back to the family, and friends that you are a weirdo!

Scots love a party so a drink in a trendy bar or some cosy pints in a pub will always go down well, however bear in mind they do love a party and like to let their hair down so make sure you are prepared for dancing on the tables.


Dating in Scotland can be tricky with the accent but have no fear you can text your way into their hearts.

Scottish people text usually in their accent for example “aack I dinni ken if I gonni go” which translates to “aww I don’t know if I am going to go” plus with emoji’s it can be confusing for an outsider. This is normal and once you get your head around it you will be a texting/flirting master!

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