charisma coaching pros and cons

Charisma Coaching Pros and Cons

Like all forms of personal development, charisma coaching has its pros and cons for clients who are looking to increase their charismatic leadership, become more memorable, and get more opportunities. The pros and cons of charisma coaching can include enhanced communication skills, being perceived as confident, increased ability to persuade others, and deeper connections with others. Clients of charisma coaching can also experience a huge time commitment, large financial investment, uncomfortable activities, and varying quality of coaches. If you are ready to take the first step on your charisma coaching journey, then book your discovery call below:

Charisma Coaching Pros and Cons


  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Becoming more confident in social and professional interactions
  • Increased ability to persuade others
  • Build deeper connections in your relationships


  • Large time commitment
  • Financial investment
  • Being out of your comfort zone
  • Varying quality of coaches

What is Charisma Coaching?

charisma coaching pros and cons

Charisma coaching is a unique form of personal development. Unlike other forms of 1-2-1 coaching, such as communication coaching or leadership coaching, charisma coaching focuses specifically on developing your influence, your charismatic traits, and the soft skills that will enable you to become a charismatic individual. Skills like storytelling, creating good first impressions, building rapport, having engaging conversations, emotional intelligence, persuasive speaking, confidence, and body language all contribute to your magnetic presence, and your coach will help you develop those skills.

Charisma Coaching Pros and Cons


charisma coaching pros and cons

Enhanced Communication skills

One of the huge benefits of charisma coaching is the improved communication skills. Some of the clients I work with can struggle to make an impact with their words; for example, they get overlooked in meetings, their ideas do not get picked up, and they just cannot connect with others on a deep level. By developing your communication skills, you can capture attention during meetings, have your ideas accepted and actually implemented, and motivate your team to a higher level. The communication skills that you will develop with charisma coaching include positive body language, persuasive speaking, storytelling, building rapport, and engaging conversations. These are soft skills that can help you get promotions, a salary increase, or develop meaningful relationships.

Becoming more confident in social and professional interactions

When we are asked to describe charismatic people, we use words like positive, engaging, and confident. This is true; charismatic people are certainly all those things, but how do they become confident in social and professional settings? There are many different types of confidence, but the best kind is that genuine and authentic confidence that just looks natural. The truth is confidence comes with competence, meaning the better you become at something, the more confident you are. If you want to improve your public speaking, for example, do not go on stage in front of 600 people unprepared; start small and work your way up to the more difficult challenges. Charisma coaching can build your confidence because we have created activities, games, and role-playing scenarios to help you improve your skills and build upon your confidence so that when you are in the real world, you know exactly what to do.

Increased ability to persuade others

The results that most of my clients are looking for are:

  • Increased salary
  • Get a promotion
  • Receive more opportunities

They are able to do this because charisma coaching develops their soft skills that ‘sell themselves’. Now you may cringe at the thought of selling yourself, and this is natural; we do not like telling people why we are brilliant. But the good news is ‘selling yourself’ has nothing to do with persuading others. You need to build genuine relationships, tailor your communication to the other person, and use emotion to persuade them. Charisma coaching gives you tools, techniques, and strategies to do this effortlessly.


charisma coaching pros and cons

Large time commitment

An Art of Charisma coaching program can last as long as 8 to 12 weeks to complete the full course, which includes 1-hour weekly coaching sessions, homework exercises, and daily communication with your coach. This can be a huge time commitment, especially if you are in a leadership position dealing with board meetings, project deadlines, and constant emails. While charisma coaching may only work out to be 8 hours per program, it is the extracurricular activities which can eat into your time. Developing skills takes time and patience; you will not change immediately overnight. By investing your time into a charisma coaching program, you will develop your skills thoroughly and increase your confidence because your abilities will be rock solid.

Financial Investment

There are a lot of cheap and free resources online that you can use to develop your charisma. Books, YouTube videos, and podcasts all provide great techniques to develop your charisma. Charisma coaching programs are a premium service and the price reflects that. What can impact the cost of a charisma coaching practice is how many personalized resources you require, the number of sessions you need to improve, and how much support from your charisma coach you need. Prices do fluctuate around the web but you can learn more about how we price programs by clicking HERE.

Being Out of Your Comfort Zone

I am going to be honest with you; the role of a charisma coach is to get you out of your comfort zone, and not everyone is ready for that. If you want to learn charisma, then you need to do things that challenge you, make you think, and process information. The charisma coach does this by getting you to participate in role-playing activities, which can feel strange. By getting you to feel a little strange, it helps you remember the experience and develop your skills so that when you are in the ‘real world’ you can feel confident using the techniques.

Varying Quality of Coaches

When researching charisma coaches, there are a lot to choose from. Each one focuses on their own ideology to help you reach your goals. Some focus on the more social and romantic side of charisma; others are experts in the more professional areas such as presentations and leadership. As there is no specific charisma coach career, the quality of coaches does vary across the board. However, you can look at the credentials and experience of your desired coach to better understand if they are the right one for you.

Who Can Benefit From Charisma Coaching?

charisma coaching pros and cons

Hopefully, by understanding charisma coaching pros and cons, you can see how it can impact your life. The benefits of developing your charisma are endless. However, if you are looking for a direct ROI on your investment into charisma coaching, here are a few examples of those who can benefit from Art of Charisma:

  • People in leadership positions
  • CEOs and MDs
  • People in customer-facing roles
  • Career-focused individuals
  • People in sales roles
  • Medical professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Public speakers and presenters
  • Corporate executives
  • Team leaders
  • People who want to become more memorable
  • Those looking to increase their social life
  • People who want deep and meaningful connections

Next Steps

If you are ready to take the next step on your charisma coaching journey, then book your discovery call with Sebastian, our charisma coach. Learn what exactly charisma is, how you get it, and how charisma can make an impact in your life. Book your call today: