Pricing (How Much Is It?)

“Money, money, money, must be funny, in the rich man’s world” – ABBA

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of Charisma coaching, finding out what it is and whether it’s worth it. What’s in it for you? And what are the costs?

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Understanding the Value of Charisma Coaching

Pricing of Coaching

It is important to understand that charisma coaching is a specific form of professional development. Unlike leadership or management training, which may cover some charisma topics, charisma coaching delves into the dark arts of influencing and persuading others. By harnessing charisma, you can inspire your team to work harder on a project, develop respect with colleagues and managers, build rapport with boards of directors, and persuade someone to invest in your big idea.

There is a definitive return on investment (ROI) for charisma coaching because your success is not determined solely by your hard skills (like computing, project management, or consulting) but by your soft skills.

A TalentSmart study found that, on average, people who show high emotional intelligence make $29,000 more each year than low-EQ professionals. So, by improving your likability, emotional intelligence, and charisma, you could see financial success relatively quickly.

Why Transparency Matters

At Art of Charisma, we value the importance of knowing what you are investing in. Charisma coaching is a personal journey, so understanding the process will help manage expectations when beginning the program. Having this clarity enables you to start your learning with confidence and commitment to improving your skills, with continued development throughout the coaching sessions.

Tailored Packages

Pricing for Charisma Coaching

We offer a range of different services that suit particular client needs depending on their circumstances, skill level, areas of improvement, and time available to dedicate to the program.

3-Month Coaching Program

The most popular service is our 3-month coaching program, which covers the entire breakdown of charisma topics, from engaging conversations, building rapport, first impressions, storytelling, emotional intelligence, humor, small talk, influencing & persuading, etc. Each topic comes with its own social behavior research paper and is the focus of that particular session. It’s important to understand that we base the topics on the client’s needs. If they require more support in a particular area, then we can adapt and change to suit their needs. The program is a 1-hour session each week delivered online.

6-Month Coaching Program

An expansion of the popular 3-month program, we delve into each of the topics on a deeper level, taking you from perhaps a moderate level up to a confident communicator. Once again, this will be 1 hour per week for 24 weeks and offers the best value to the client, as there is more time to focus on the theory and practicality of each charisma element.

Live In-Person Coaching

To bring your coaching experience alive, in-person coaching adds an additional dynamic to your learning. Sebastian will travel to your location and deliver real-time training and coaching through this immersive training session. Usually carried out over a few days, Sebastian can bring to life the coaching he does online right in front of you to give a personal and very real experience.

Business Coaching

Art of Charisma extends its expertise to corporate leaders through specialized business coaching services. Tailored to executives and companies, our programs focus on refining leadership communication, negotiation strategies, team collaboration, and impactful networking. Sebastian, our experienced coach, collaborates with executives to develop personalized plans aligned with corporate goals. With a practical approach rooted in real-world business scenarios, our coaching empowers leaders to navigate complex challenges with finesse. Elevate your leadership skills and foster a charismatic corporate culture with Art of Charisma — where strategic leadership meets the art of influence

Value-Driven Pricing

Our pricing philosophy is based on providing value and addressing the problems high achievers are facing. You need a competitive edge. How much would Lewis Hamilton pay to shave 10 seconds off his lap time, or how much would LeBron pay to be able to jump 10 cm higher? These competitive edges can make all the difference to your success.

By addressing the communication and interpersonal challenges that you are facing, we can provide immense value by bringing our years of research and applied knowledge to enhance your skill set.

The minmum price to work with Sebastian and his team at Art of Charisma is £1,000 ($1,300)

Payment Plans

Clients pay via one lump sum; however, there are also options for payment plans. This makes charisma coaching more accessible and can fit your financial comfort level. The most common payment plan clients opt for is a 50% payment upfront, with the remaining spread throughout the coaching months. This makes the decision to opt for charisma coaching far more achievable for everyone’s circumstances.

Money-Back Guarantee

Coaching is a popular performance improvement tool. There are many studies which prove that coaching improves work, personal, and organisational performance. However, the most important part is always the hard work the individuals do themselves. Our coaching programmes operate under the understanding that clients must actively engage and apply themselves to reap the full benefits. Therefore, our money-back guarantee requires clients to demonstrate a good faith effort in participating and applying the techniques and strategies taught in the programme.

While each person is different, and on a different journey, here are some aspects that the Art of Charisma coaching programme improves and delivers:

• Developing self-awareness of your own charisma
• Gaining insights into how others perceive you
• Acquiring skills and strategies to establish positive connections with people
• Cultivating confidence in creating impactful first impressions
• Understanding storytelling and its effective use

These deliverables of the Art of Charisma coaching programmes generally improve individuals’, as well as companies’, performance. Should any of these deliverables not be met, the Art of Charisma offers a money-back guarantee.

Next Steps

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In Conclusion

Charisma coaching is not just an investment in enhancing your professional skill set; it’s a transformative journey that empowers you to unlock your full potential. The tangible returns, as demonstrated by increased earning potential and career advancement, are complemented by the intangible benefits of heightened confidence, improved interpersonal relationships, and the ability to navigate various social situations with finesse.

At Art of Charisma, our commitment to transparency, personalized coaching packages, and value-driven pricing reflects our dedication to ensuring that every client experiences a meaningful and rewarding journey toward charismatic excellence. We invite you to embark on this transformative experience with us, confident in the knowledge that your investment will yield both immediate and enduring dividends in your personal and professional life.