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London Charisma Coach: Develop influence and Charm

If you are looking for a London charisma coach who can make you more memorable, get more opportunities in your career, help you connect deeper with others, and elevate your magnetic presence, then you are in the right place. The Art of Charisma has been working with charisma coaching clients all over London, including executives in Canary Wharf, creatives in Camden, and entrepreneurs in Hackney. Start your charisma coaching journey today by booking a discovery call below:

What is Charisma Coaching?

London charisma coaching is a specialized form of professional and personal development designed to improve your influence and charisma in the real world. Charisma coaching brings science-backed techniques and practical strategies into the area of self-development.

It involves coaching individuals on new skills and techniques to improve their communication, magnetic presence, confidence, interpersonal skills, and professional gravitas!

Having a London charisma coach is the same as having a personal trainer, executive mentor, or career counselor—they are designed to support you in increasing your skills, which will result in more of what you want.

Meet Your London Charisma Coach

Art of charisma

Your London Charisma Coach is Sebastian! Do not be fooled by his Scottish accent; he has amassed over 1,000,000 views across his social media pages, giving his hacks to improve your charisma. Sebastian has helped people all over London, including Croydon, Shoreditch, Islington, and more. They all face the same challenge: they want to be heard! They know what needs to happen to be charismatic, but for whatever reason, they just cannot get it out! Some of Sebastian’s clients have been bankers in Canary Wharf, strategy executives working in the start-up district, and up-and-coming politicians looking to move into Westminster. No matter your situation, Sebastian can help you.

What to Expect From a Charisma Coaching Session

The Art of Charisma coaching sessions are very different from typical coaching because charisma is a very practical skill. You need to have an opportunity to practice the skills you are learning in real-life scenarios, and we have created programs so that you are constantly honing your skills.

Open Discussion

During each charisma coaching session, there will be a component of open floor discussion. This is where you, as a client, bring your experiences and interactions that you have had that week into the session for us to discuss, analyze, critique, and provide feedback. During this discussion, your charisma coach will challenge you with questions in a way that helps you think through your experiences and creates self-reflection.

Video Analysis

We have a catalog of videos of infamously charismatic people using the techniques that you will be learning in each session. By reviewing footage, you can see how the techniques are being used, and you can get a visualization of what ‘good’ looks like. As we break down each of the videos, you can give your feedback on what you like and dislike about the video.


As charisma is a practical skill, it is important that you practice the skills you are being taught in each charisma coaching program. During your 1-hour session, you will have an opportunity to take part in games, activities, and role-playing scenarios to simulate real-life situations. It is during this section where clients really feel like their skills are being improved upon because they are using the strategies in a safe environment, rather than waiting until a moment where there is a lot of pressure to get them right.

Key Areas of Focus

Every client is different and is looking to harness charisma in different ways. The Art of Charisma uses ‘The Charisma Stairway’ to build upon your soft skills and take you up the stairway until you reach the charismatic level you desire:

London charisma coach

Charisma is just a range of soft skills that, when applied, can have charismatic effects. During the charisma coaching sessions, you will be working on the following skills:

  • Creating a killer first impression
  • Understanding personalities and how to tailor your communication
  • Building rapport with others
  • Connecting deeply over conversations
  • Developing a magnetic presence through body language
  • Building your confidence in social and professional settings
  • Becoming more memorable through storytelling
  • Emotional intelligence

Benefits of London Charisma Coaching

Charisma coaching can have a range of benefits for Londoners looking to increase their charisma, such as:

  • Becoming more memorable when interacting with others
  • Connecting with others on a deeper level
  • Getting that dream job, role, or promotion you truly deserve
  • Speaking up and articulating clearly and confidently at meetings
  • Influencing your colleagues, clients, and bosses to get what you want
  • Creating amazing first impressions and leaving a lasting impact on others
  • Being described as confident, charming, and extremely likable
  • Building instant rapport and deep connections in conversation
  • Inspiring confidence and trust in people who work directly with you
  • Commanding the respect, attention, and support of your team
  • Maximizing impact and “WOW” your audience for every presentation
  • Inspiring, aligning, and motivating your team to drive results and achieve high performance

Who is Charisma Coaching For?

London Charisma Coach

Charisma can be for anyone; it doesn’t matter your background or aspirations—we know it can benefit you. You can see the impact charisma coaching can have for you if:

  • You are working in an executive management role
  • Are an aspirational leader
  • Looking to go further in your career
  • Desire an exciting social life where people are inviting you to join them
  • Are seen as the shy person in the office
  • Are looking to inspire and motivate a team
  • Want to build a social circle
  • Are an entrepreneur
  • Are in a client-facing role
  • Are looking to build deeper relationships with others

What Local Londoners Say About Charisma Coaching

Here are some Charisma Coaching Reviews from people who have completed the charisma coaching program in London:

London charisma coach
London Charisma Coach
London Charisma Coach


The price for Charisma coaching does vary depending on the needs and requirements for a particular client. If you were to go online and research costs you could see prices vary from £50 right up to £1,000 per hour!

Here are some factors that can affect the cost when it comes to charisma coaching:

  • The level of support you require
  • The amount of resources that are needed to be developed
  • The number of coaching session
  • How specialised the area of you you require

Art of Charisma do not charge per hour, we only offer programs for clients. You can learn more about our charisma coaching prices by clicking HERE. The minimum cost for one of our charisma coaching programs is £1,500, you can learn what is included in that package by clicking HERE.

How to Get Started With a London Charisma Coach

If you are reading this on the London tube, waiting to get off at King’s Cross Station, and desire to take the next step on your charisma journey, then here is how you get started. Book a discovery call online with Sebastian by clicking the button below: