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Influence Coaching (Everything You Need to Know)

You may have been searching for answers to questions like “Why do none of my ideas get picked up in meetings?”, “Why am I always overlooked for promotions?” or “Why can’t my team buy into my vision?” Do not stress—these challenges can be solved through influence coaching. Influence coaching can make you more memorable, position you as a charismatic leader, and increase the number of opportunities you can get. If you are ready to get started with influence coaching, then book your discovery call below:

What is an Influence Coach?

influence coaching

An influence coach is an expert in the field of persuasion, with specialist skills and knowledge in the psychology of bringing people around to your way of thinking. Skills like building rapport, effective communication, persuasive speaking, convincing body language, public speaking, and tapping into emotion are all skills that you can develop through influence coaching.

Art of Charisma can be your support to reach new levels of charisma. For example:

  • People who want to lose weight have a personal trainer.
  • Start-up founders have business mentors.
  • People looking to retire have a financial planner.
  • You have an influence coach.

An influence coach can support you to develop charisma, influence, and persuasion authentically so that you can get more of what you want.

Who is Influence Coaching For?

influence coaching

Influence coaching can benefit anyone looking to achieve a goal that involves interpersonal skills. Clients that I have worked with have seen huge results in both their personal and professional lives. The type of people who will see an immediate ROI on influence coaching include:

  • People who regularly deliver presentations or are public speaking
  • Those in leadership roles
  • Career-oriented individuals
  • People with an upcoming job interview
  • Those in customer-facing roles
  • Aspiring leaders
  • CEOs or MDs of organizations
  • Politicians
  • Those looking to climb the career ladder
  • People looking to build trust and deep connections with others
  • Those wanting to be seen as influential leaders
  • People who want to increase their social circle

What Happens in an Influence Coaching Session?

As influencing someone is a physical skill, I have developed influence coaching to be a very practical form of self-improvement that includes open-floor discussion, video analysis, and activities.


Open-floor discussion forms part of your influence coaching session where you have a safe space to discuss your challenges, successes, and experiences. Your influence coach is there to ask you questions, challenge you, and share methods and techniques so that when you are in similar situations, you can tackle them more effectively.

Video Analysis

The sessions also include elements of video analysis where you watch individuals use the techniques to influence someone and you analyze the footage with your coach. During these sessions, you can see the effectiveness of the techniques as well as what happens when things go wrong.


One of the most effective elements to improve your influence is the role-playing activities you will conduct with your coach. You can get real-life experience using the techniques in a safe environment by practicing with your influence coach.

Benefits of Influence Coaching

There are a range of benefits you will get through influence coaching, such as:

  • Getting that dream job, role, or promotion you truly deserve
  • Speaking up and articulating clearly and confidently at meetings
  • Influencing your colleagues, clients, and bosses to get what you want
  • Creating amazing first impressions and leaving a lasting impact on others
  • Being described as confident, charming, and extremely likable
  • Building instant rapport and deep connections in conversation
  • Inspiring confidence and trust in people who work directly with you
  • Commanding the respect, attention, and support of your team
  • Maximizing impact and “WOW” your audience for every presentation
  • Inspiring, aligning, and motivating your team to drive results and achieve high performance

Program Types

To successfully develop influence, you need a program that helps you achieve your goals. It is not just about taking part in a 60-minute coaching session; to successfully develop influence, you need 360-degree support. Take a look at some of our programs that can help you develop charisma and influence:

is charisma coaching worth it?

How Much is Influence Coaching?

influence coaching

Influence coaching prices are specific to an individual’s needs. Some clients require additional resources and support, while others just need a few small tweaks to their abilities. If you look online for communication coaches, leadership coaches, and charisma coaches, prices vary a lot—you can find some as cheap as $50 per hour and as expensive as $200,000 per year. The factors that determine the price for influence coaching include:

  • How much additional support a client requires
  • How specialized a client’s needs are
  • How quickly they need to improve their skills

Programs from Art of Charisma start at $1,200 per program; however, you can learn more about our pricing by clicking HERE.

Can You Learn Influence?

Absolutely! Influence is a teachable skill, like communication, leadership, or emotional intelligence. Influence comprises a range of specific techniques, tips, and methods that, once you understand them, you can practice and apply in important situations.

How Can I Get Started with Influence Coaching?

Getting started with influence coaching is easy. You can book your personalized discovery call where our in-house influence coach, Sebastian, will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to influence. If you are ready to take the next step, then book your discovery call below: