Tiktok Art of Charisma


Some quick facts about my TikTok page:

  1. 📱My most viewed video has over 1,000,000 views. That video is called “How to keep a conversation going with anyone”
  2. 📽 I started ‘officially’ in March 2023 and I started posting views charisma and communication. I love giving people little nuggets of wisdom that I have found researching, packaging them in useful bite-sized videos for you to use.
  3. 🏆It wasn’t always easy, my girlfriend would tell you that I was a nightmare to be around sometimes as I would always focus on the views. While the views are nice, making an impact in others is far more rewarding
  4. ⭐One of my proudest videos was called ‘How to say NO to your manager’ as this was something I struggled with in the corporate world. Creating a valuable piece of content on this subject that was enjoyed by others made me very proud.
  5. 📩 I respond to everyone who messages me on the platform, I love hearing the stories about how people have used the tips or when they ask for advice on their situation.