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7 Charisma Exercises Free

Start improving your charisma immediately with these free exercises:

  1. Video Record Yourself
  2. One Word Topic
  3. Video Analysis
  4. 20 Questions
  5. Questions Only
  6. No Words Movie
  7. StoryMaking

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Video Record Yourself

Charisma Exercises Free

The very first free charisma exercise is to record yourself talking for at least 1 minute. It may be hard to talk that long, so if it is, pick a subject you are familiar with. Once you have recorded yourself, I want you to do 3 things:

  1. Play your recording but turn the phone away and just listen to your voice and be critical of how you sound. Do you sound confident? Do you say umm or Errr a lot? Do you trail off into nothing? Do you sound boring? Do you sound excited? It’s important to be objective during this charisma exercise.
  2. Play your recording again, but this time turn your volume down and observe your body language. Are you happy? Are you making eye contact? Do you look confident? Are you projecting positivity? Do you look engaged?
  3. Finally, play the recording for the last time, but this time with both the audio and video playing. Try to think of yourself as a different person observing this recording and ask yourself, “How is this person making me feel?” Again, it’s important to be objective.

While it can be uncomfortable talking on camera, it can be an invaluable charisma exercise (which is free!) as it puts you at center stage. On a day-to-day basis, you do not pay attention to your body or voice, so you do not know exactly what you’re doing wrong or what you need to improve on. This exercise helps identify those areas of weakness.

One Word Topic

Charismatic people are confident about talking about a range of subjects; they just seem to smoothly move from one topic to another. This can be particularly difficult if you are not confident in conversations and just give one-word answers and find yourself in awkward silence.

Pick from one of the one-word topics below and I want you to talk about that subject for as long as possible:

  • Shoes
  • Trees
  • Ocean
  • Gym
  • Food
  • Sport
  • Dogs
  • Books
  • Jungle
  • Movie theatre
  • Chess
  • Apple products
  • TED Talks
  • Trampolines

You can use any of the one-word topics above or pick your own. The charisma exercise challenges you to talk about the subject and look for the different possibilities you can discuss, for example:

If you pick “Books” as a topic you can talk about famous authors, terrible books you have read, books you have been recommended, the pros and cons of audiobooks, why a Kindle is better than physical books, why bookstores are going to be obsolete, how Amazon got started selling books, etc.

The skill you are learning is to give more information than is necessary. When we give more information, it helps the other person pick up what you’re saying, and you are allowing them to talk about that subject.

Video Analysis

For this charisma exercise, I want you to pick someone who is famous and in your eyes is charismatic. It can be anyone: Mike Tyson, Barack Obama, Emma Watson, John Cena, Tom Brady, Taylor Swift, whoever you believe uses the components of charisma. I then want you to go to YouTube and find their TV interviews on the following shows:

  • The Graham Norton Show
  • The Daily Show
  • Jimmy Kimmel live
  • Louis Theroux Interviews..
  • The Tonight Show
  • The Real Time With John Maher
  • The Joe Rogan Podcast
  • The Late Show

It can be any interview on TV, Radio, or Podcast that your famous person is being interviewed on. I want you to analyze their interview and watch out for the techniques that are used, find out what you like, ask yourself how they make you feel, and listen to the words they use and what their body language is doing.

Focus on the techniques they are using and see if you can incorporate any of them into your daily life.

20 Questions

Charisma Exercises Free

This is a great game, but you will need a partner to play. You will probably have played this as a kid, however, the technique you are looking to practice is critical thinking in conversations and asking really good questions.

How to play: Have someone think of something, it can be a person, topic, animal, object, etc. Your job is to ask up to 20 questions to try and figure out what the other person is thinking about. The goal is to guess the thing in less than twenty questions.

This will help you practice how to ask great questions, which is essential when it comes to charisma.

Questions Only

Another great charisma exercise to enhance your question-asking skills is called Questions Only, a charisma exercise inspired by the show Whose Line Is It Anyway?

The game aims to have a full conversation with another person, but you are only allowed to ask questions. The loser is the first person who cannot think of a question quickly enough.

Have a look at the game in action here:

No Words Movie

Charisma Exercises Free

This charisma exercise looks to enhance your non-verbal communication, getting you to practice hand gestures, movement, expressions, and body language. You have to choose a film and you will have 1 minute to act out the film; however, you cannot use any words, just movements and actions. It is the job of the other person to guess the film; the more you get in 1 minute the better!

Here is a list of suggestions:

  • Jurassic Park
  • Jaws
  • Harry Potter
  • Spider-man
  • Star Wars
  • James Bond
  • Superbad
  • Toy story
  • The Lion King

If, for example, I used Jurassic Park, I may try to act out as a dinosaur or if it was Jaws I may try to depict getting eaten by a shark just by acting out the movie. You know it has been successful when the other person can guess the correct movie quickly.


Charisma Exercises Free

One of the key components of charisma is storytelling; you want to be able to captivate someone through your words. You can enhance your storytelling charisma exercises, such as improvising a story. I am going to give you a list of characters, locations, and scenarios, and I want you to create a story from them:


  • Will Smith
  • Barack Obama
  • Donald Trump
  • Justin Bieber
  • Homer Simpson
  • Simon Cowell
  • Meghan Markle
  • Judy Dench
  • Beyonce


  • Paris
  • Ibiza
  • Dubai
  • Starbucks
  • McDonald’s
  • New York
  • North Pole
  • Sahara Desert
  • The Jungle


  • Characters fall in love
  • One character tricks another
  • One character hosts an epic party that goes wrong
  • They are spies on a secret mission
  • One character finds out a surprising fact about another
  • One character wants to invent a new million-dollar product

Based on the information given, start to craft a memorable and exciting story. You do not need to stay within the lines; go wild and crazy with your ideas. You are just practicing the art of crafting great stories that captivate others.

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