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Charisma Classes: Improve Your Influence

If you are looking to develop your charisma, improve your communication skills, and make an impact when you talk to people, then being part of a charisma class can level up your skill set. Charisma classes take you from the problem of not getting enough opportunities, being forgotten in conversation, and feeling like you do not connect with anyone and give you the tools and techniques you need to be successful in your interpersonal relationships.

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Introduction to Charisma Classes

Charisma Classes

A charisma class is a form of both personal and professional development. It is a structured educational lesson where each class will focus on a particular topic that will increase your charisma. The topics center around communication skills such as making a good first impression, building rapport, telling stories, having great conversations, active listening, asking questions, demonstrating influence, small talk and building relationships. The charisma coach of the class will be able to assess your skill level and areas of weakness, which will be beneficial to you because they will be able to offer support and guidance to increase your skill set and develop charisma.

Charisma classes are the best way to increase your persuasion skills, make you communicate authentically, become more memorable, and be less boring.

Art of Charisma is unique as it offers charisma classes online on an individual basis so your teacher can help you improve and develop your charisma quickly.

Who Benefits from Charisma Classes?

Charisma classes are best suited to those who are looking to develop their interpersonal skills to help them in their professional and personal lives. As you develop this soft skill, you will create more opportunities for yourself and have deeper, more meaningful connections with others. You will benefit from charisma classes if you:

  • Manage a team and are looking to inspire them
  • Are career-oriented
  • Are a CEO or MD that works with boards of directors or committees
  • Are a VP who works alongside other high-status individuals
  • Are an aspirational entrepreneur
  • Work in a high-end sales environment
  • Network with other professionals
  • Have already had a degree of success and want an edge

The truth is that 85% of your financial success comes down to the way you communicate, negotiate, and lead. To have the success you want, you need to improve your ability to influence and persuade others, and that is where charisma comes in.

What to Expect in a Charisma Class

While each class will differ between clients depending on their needs, there is a structure that each class follows so that there is a maximum amount of value packed into each lesson.


Charisma Classes

The first part of the lesson will be focused on discussion; this is where you and your coach will talk about the challenges that you face on a regular basis. During these discussions, it’s encouraged that you share as much information as possible as your coach will explain theories, techniques, and strategies that you can use to combat these challenges.

Video Analysis

Charisma Classes

As the lesson continues, you will look at videos of people using the skills and techniques in real life, and you and your coach will analyze what you like or dislike about the person. This is so you can see the strategies being used in real life.


Charisma Classes

As part of your learning throughout the lesson, you will also take part in structured activities, role-playing, and games that will complement the theories you will be learning in each session. These are particularly effective in improving your charisma skills because we can create a ‘real life’ scenario; your coach will also be able to analyze how you tackle each activity and provide support and advice along the way so you are constantly improving.

How are Charisma Classes Delivered?

Charisma classes are delivered on a 1-2-1 basis online; this works best for clients as their coach can give them their full attention and accurately give them the support and guidance they need. Each class forms part of a 3-month program in a total of 12 classes; this is because one lesson will not revolutionize your charisma, but weekly lessons, building on each other, help to create positive habits and sharpened skills.

What Can Charisma Classes Help With?

Charisma classes are designed to improve your soft skills to enable you to become more persuasive, have greater influence, and get your ideas heard.

Here are some examples where having a higher level of charisma could help you have more success:

  • Meetings with a board of directors
  • Pitch events in front of potential investors
  • Persuading clients to buy from you
  • Inspiring a team to push toward a goal
  • Being more memorable when you meet a high-level exec
  • To smoothly have engaging conversations that make you interesting
  • Driving change within a company culture
  • Handling conflict with staff or customers
  • Creating excellent customer service experiences
  • Developing loyalty within another person
  • Applying for high-level careers
  • Improving your social and interpersonal skills
  • Networking with other people
  • Negotiating deals
  • Building trust with someone

How Much Does Charisma Classes Cost?

The price for a charisma class does vary from client to client; at Art of Charisma, we implement a value-pricing system when quoting. This means we price based on the value this will bring you; some people can see this as a salary increase, others believe they will get more deals, and others it’s having meaningful relationships (What is the price of that?). It is a specialist form of training, so while some life coaching or communication classes can be between $30 – $100 per class, for charisma classes, you could be looking between $200 – $800 per class. If you would like more information on our pricing and what to expect, you can click the link HERE.

Next Steps

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