Charisma mentor

Charisma Mentoring

Feeling frustrated due to a lack of confidence when speaking to someone is entirely natural and affects hundreds of people every day. Missing out on opportunities, being perceived as boring, and never having your ideas picked up by management can be incredibly frustrating. You know you are a high achiever, but you need the skills to communicate effectively. If you are ready to start charisma mentoring, then book your discovery call below:

What is a Charisma Mentor?

Charisma mentoring

A charisma mentor is similar to Master Yoda from Star Wars. Like the Jedi master trains, supports, and coaches Luke Skywalker to harness the force and become more powerful and destroy the empire!

Hopefully, there is no super evil organization you are looking to destroy, but the idea is the same. A Charisma Mentor is a guide to help you increase your skills and confidence so that you can confidently tackle any social or communication challenge you will face in your professional or personal life. Your charisma mentor will help you build trust and credibility, increase your ability to engage your team, and develop your influence and persuasion, all by coaching you to improve your soft skills so you can become a more effective and confident communicator.

What Happens in a Charisma Mentoring Session?

Charisma mentoring is a unique form of professional and personal development specifically designed to help you improve your skills and confidence when influencing and persuading others. You will have a dedicated mentor whose sole role is to help you improve, develop, and grow your level of charisma, and here is how we do that:


Each week, there will be a proposed topic to help you develop one area of charisma, such as storytelling, body language, first impressions, etc. Our sessions will begin with a discussion focused on each topic and go into detail about situations where you have experienced the impact of each of the core topics. Through sharing and talking about your experience, your mentor will be able to offer advice, support, and guidance through each of your experiences.

Video Analysis

The session will also include elements of video analysis where your charisma mentor will show you correct and bad examples of charisma taking effect. By breaking down each of the video examples frame by frame, you can see what Hollywood elites and business executives do that you can use to improve your charisma.

Role Play and Activities

The most effective tools in charisma mentoring are the role-play and activities of each session. They are designed for maximum learning and can be tailored to each individual. As each session goes on, your confidence and skill set will grow. While it can be uncomfortable for clients, this section is the most imperative as it allows you to practice the strategies and techniques that you have learned earlier in the charisma mentoring program.

If you are ready to begin your journey, then book your discovery call below:

What are the Benefits of Charisma Mentoring?

Charisma mentoring

Adding charisma to your professional arsenal of skills through charisma mentoring can bring a range of benefits. When you begin charisma mentoring, you will start to see the benefits within the first week. High-status people will begin to take notice of you, and you will start to see opportunities to be charismatic and begin to build the foundations of deep relationships. You will also see the benefits of charisma mentoring, such as:

  • Being recognized as a competent leader
  • Able to ‘sell’ your big idea to staff and C-suite executives
  • Standing out in job interviews, networking events, and team meetings
  • Being able to influence and persuade others to align with your way of thinking
  • Building rapport with others
  • Being seen as trustworthy within the first moment
  • Becoming an interesting and engaging person
  • Having others gravitate to you and WANT to be around you
  • Networking at high-status executive events
  • Communicating your message authentically
  • Projecting warmth and positivity

Who is Charisma Mentoring for?

Charisma Mentoring

Charisma mentoring is for everyone! That’s because whether you are a C-Suite executive closing that big business deal or a single mother trying to get their kid ready for bed, you all use the same skills and tools. Charisma has multiple practical benefits that can be used in a range of scenarios. You will find that charisma mentoring can directly impact you if:

  • You are a career-focused individual who wants to climb the career ladder
  • You work in an environment where you need to lead people
  • You want to build a strong business or social network
  • You are fed up with missing out on opportunities
  • You want to build rapport with mentors, industry leaders, or C-Suite executives
  • You want to have more meaningful connections
  • You want to have more confidence when in a conversation with someone new
  • You want to become a more effective communicator

Charisma mentoring can be harnessed by people all over the world. The key element is that you must want to use charisma authentically and genuinely. If you are looking to manipulate, deceive, or trick others, then you are going down a bad path.

How Much is Charisma Mentoring?

As charisma mentoring is a unique form of professional development, unlike other leadership or communication programs, charisma mentoring delves into the dark arts of influencing and persuading others. This means each cost can vary from client to client. However, you can learn more about our value pricing on our pricing page. The cost is per program, which will be 3 or 6 months, and would include 1 hour session per week. One hour can cost between $100 – $500. The difference depends on how much additional support is required per client, the amount of resources that need to be created, and any additional requirements a client could want, for example, in-person mentorship.

Next Steps

If you are ready to jump-start your journey through charisma journey and start to be recognized for all the talents and great ideas you know you have, then book your discovery call below: