Charisma on Command Review

Charisma on Command Review

This Charisma on Command Review is focused on analyzing their content, ideology, execution, results, and products. This will be an honest review that will weigh up the pros and cons of Charisma on Command. If you are already aware of Charisma on Command and you are looking for a fresh approach to charisma coaching, then book a discovery call with Art of Charisma to see how we can help you get more opportunities, become more memorable, and build trust instantly.

Who is Charisma on Command?

Charisma on Command is a successful YouTube channel that consists of Charlie Houpert and Ben Altman. The co-founders Houpert and Altman have been creating informative videos online to help their audience become more confident and likable in social situations; their YouTube description is:

Want to be more charismatic and confident? We make videos to help you learn how to be more confident, how to make people laugh, how to be more likable – basically everything about exuding charisma. Relationships in life are everything, so we want to teach you to turn on your most confident, charismatic self in the moments that matter most.

Charisma on Command YouTube Channel

Their videos have received millions of views and have created a style of video content that breathes fresh air into the area of self-development. Some of their most popular videos are:

Both Charlie and Ben are very charismatic, but is it all style and no substance? Let’s delve into our review.

Pros of Charisma on Command

High-Quality Videos

When you begin consuming the Charisma on Command content, you can see the level of quality their videos have. From enticing thumbnails to snappily edited shots of charismatic celebrities, you can get a sense of the production value they put into their YouTube videos and their digital products such as Charisma University. I particularly enjoy their voice-over commentary while you are watching an example of a charismatic person; they highlight the key techniques the person is using, and it helps to spot the technique because sometimes it is so subtle you may miss it!

Digital Products

As mentioned before, they do not only have their YouTube channel but also a range of digital products such as books, podcasts, and courses. This can provide a great resource for those who are looking to improve their soft skills because you can access it anywhere in the world at any time. The majority of digital products are free and can provide a very good foundation if you are starting on the journey of self-development because they do have very actionable “quick tips” (More later) that can help with building confidence. The course “Charisma University” is a paid course which is $597 and covers 6 of the core components of charisma such as:

  • First Impressions
  • Confidence
  • Expert Conversations
  • Storytelling
  • Presence and Magnetism
  • Leadership

I will share my opinions on the course later on in this blog post. Unfortunately, Charisma on Command does not offer any live personal charisma coaching, however, Art of Charisma does and you can book your discovery call below.

Lots of Examples

One of the things I love about Charisma on Command is that they use LOTS of examples which is perfect for charisma because some people make it look so effortless, that it’s difficult to spot. Charisma on Command finds examples of celebrities, world leaders, entrepreneurs, and other recognizable figures using the techniques that they are teaching. When you see Barack Obama on a talk show or giving a speech and they are slowing the clip down, highlighting the words or gestures that he is using is very impactful. Charisma is a very abstract concept at the best of times, but their examples make it easier to understand.

Quick Tips

Charisma on Command has mastered the art of the quick tip video format. Their quick tips are very practical and can give you confidence because after watching just a couple of videos you will have a pocket of phrases to use next time you are in a conversation with someone. What I like about their ‘quick tips’ is that no matter where you are on your journey you will get some value from them. You could just be starting your journey or you could already be a smooth talker; you will 100% pick up something that you didn’t know before. They are also very actionable; it is as simple as “Just say this…” you do not need to understand human psychology or have a communications degree to just turn to the person and say the phrase you have just learned, which makes their content very accessible.

Cons of Charisma on Command

This Charisma on Command review wouldn’t be complete without some cons. We have watched hours of their content and purchased their “Charisma University” course so we can give you an objective Charisma on Command review.

High Energy Extrovert

Charlie who presents the ‘Charisma University’ course and voice-overs a majority of the Charisma on Command Videos focuses on one element of Charisma which is the high-energy extrovert. He focuses on loudness, extreme positivity, silly jokes, and trying to be the fun person at a party. We know from Olivia Fox Cabane, author of The Charisma Myth, that there are many different ways of being charismatic. The Charisma on Command ideology is that you have to be extremely outgoing, funny, and happy to be charismatic, which is just not true. If you have to force these elements of charisma, then it comes across as inauthentic and disingenuous which can tank your charisma. It’s much better to look at your communication strengths and weaknesses and focus on improving your skills rather than being the loud and obnoxious person at a party.

Look at a Charisma on Command review which was left by someone who has tried Charisma University:

Out-of-Date Course

When I bought the ‘Charisma University’ course, I was very excited because I was a fan of their YouTube channel. What is very apparent when you are going through the course is that they were created several years ago and haven’t touched it since. For example, when we had Covid, people were holding meetings, conferences, job interviews, etc online and there were no elements about how to be charismatic online or how to improve your communication skills in a digital world. The examples they gave were also not very current; of course, some like Barack Obama are going to be timeless, however, I felt like Russel Brand and Dane Cook aged the course when there are plenty of current examples they could have used.

No Practical Elements

This will always be a challenge when your sole offering is just online, so I will not go too hard in this section of the Charisma on Command review. There are multiple ways of leading

  1. Listening to someone talk about a subject
  2. Watching someone do the thing you want to learn
  3. Doing the thing you want to learn yourself

The problem is after people have done the course, the information falls out of the person’s heads. I would have liked to have had a practical element to the charisma because I wouldn’t necessarily have the confidence to try the quick tips with friends and colleagues because what if something goes wrong? If I had a charisma coach I could practice in a safe environment, because there is only so much you can get from books and videos.

Not Backed by Science

Charlie and Ben have been very open on their podcast about how their methods are more anecdotal rather than based on science. At first, I didn’t see the issue with things; however, when you compare their techniques to the likes of Science of People it becomes 100% apparent how creating charismatic techniques backed by science can enrich your teachings. It also starts to ask questions about their ideology because just because it works for them, does it mean it will work for me? When you back your strategies with research in human behavior or psychology you can create more value for the people you work with.

Abstract Concepts

This is more for the Charisma University course but the challenge I faced was some of the large more abstract concepts that they were teaching. Usually, they came in the form of emotions; now emotions are so important when it comes to charisma, networking, and building rapport however for example in their First Impressions module, they talk about creating respect within the first few moments. They didn’t define what respect they were talking about; they didn’t explain clearly what respect is and how you create it within the first few moments of meeting someone.

Charisma on Command vs Art of Charisma

let’s compare how Art of Charisma compares to Charisma on Command as a service to help you improve your charisma.

How We Help People

We help people improve their charisma through charisma training, workshops, seminars, and charisma coaching. We give 99% of what we know away either on our blog, TikTok page, or Newsletter and focus on giving actionable advice that is backed by science to help you understand the soft skills that you need to improve your charisma. Our charisma coaching program is perfect for someone who wants to become more memorable, be seen as a charismatic leader, have your ideas heard, be more interesting, and create a high-value network that can give you more opportunities. We achieve this through coaching.

What People Say About the Art of Charisma

You do not need to just take our word for it; you can look at the reviews we have received from people who have completed the charisma coaching program.

Charisma on Command review
Charisma on Command Review
Charisma on Command Review

Focus on Practical and Examples

Our charisma coaching is designed to be practical; we create an environment where you can use what you are learning so that you are prepared for the real world. We have also taken a leaf from Charisma on Command and have a catalog of videos and examples of people using the charisma techniques, analyze and critique the videos so that your learning is being compounded and all the activities are building off each other.

Objective Focused

The reasons why people want charisma are all different, and that’s because charisma can be applied to a range of scenarios. Whether you are presenting to a board of directors, having a job interview, or wanting to talk to your girlfriend’s family your reasons to improve your charisma are different. Our charisma coaching program is flexible and takes into account your objectives and we work with you to achieve them.

Charisma on Command vs Art of Charisma

Is Charisma on Command and Their Training Legit?

Yes, Charisma on Command and their course (Charisma University) are legitimate. They do come across very well and have a sincere passion for helping their audience. Charlie has been teaching these skills for a long time and is very persuasive himself.

What you need to ask yourself: “Is this right for you?”

I hope this Charisma on Command review has helped you answer that question.

For me, while I enjoyed the content I felt like it was very much suited for beginners, offered a cookie-cutter solution, and didn’t go very deep into the strategies or theories

Is Charisma on Command Products Worth It?

Charisma University is worth it if you enjoy the Charisma on Command YouTube channel and Charlie’s ideology. It is more suited for people who are looking to improve their social skills at a beginner level rather than those who want to be seen as charismatic leaders and use charisma to achieve more success.

You may also find if you are looking for a more deeper and practical program then you may be best reaching out and arranging a discovery call below: