Is charisma coaching worth it?

Is Charisma Coaching Worth it?

Charisma coaching is a unique form of professional and personal development. If you are asking if charisma coaching is worth it, then the answer is yes, 99% of people who develop their charisma can see immediate benefits such as becoming more memorable, increasing their likability, and getting handed more opportunities. If you are ready to start your charisma coaching journey then book your discovery call below:

What Benefits Can Charisma Coaching Give Me?

When it comes to answering the question “Is charisma coaching worth it?” then you need to identify the goals in which you are looking for. Charisma Coaching can support you in several areas, but each goal will take a specific strategy which will take different amounts of time to complete. Here is a list of benefits of charisma coaching:

  • Becoming more memorable in conversations
  • Connecting deeper with others
  • Being seen as a charismatic leader
  • Communicating effectively
  • Persuading and influencing others
  • Having your ideas picked up
  • Effectively networking with senior managers
  • Building better relationships
  • Getting handed more opportunities
  • Increasing your emotional intelligence
  • Having conversations that flow effortlessly
  • Becoming more trustworthy
  • Being seen as confident
  • Increasing your likability

By increasing your charisma, you can get a whole range of both professional and personal benefits. Charisma coaching can develop your soft skills and give you practical experience.

Can Charisma Coaching Help My Career?

is charisma coaching worth it?

One of the most obvious elements to see if charisma coaching is right for you then you need to look at your return on investment (ROI). If for example you spend $1,000 on Charisma coaching and you can increase your charisma for an upcoming job interview and that new job gives you a $10,000 pay increase then it is obvious to see the benefit. A study carried out by the Dale Carnegie Institute found that 85% of a person’s financial success was not down to how good they are at hard skills such as coding, marketing, or accounting but soft skills such as communication, persuasion, and rapport building. Charisma fits perfectly in the space of soft skills because to be charismatic you need to tackle each of the key components of charisma which are multiple soft skills.

Does It Take A Long Time To Become Charismatic?

The truth is, that the length of time depending on how long it will take you to become charismatic will depend on how ability to throw yourself into practical exercises. When you start charisma coaching within your first few sessions you will get very practical techniques, strategies, and tools so you can begin to become charismatic right from day one. The idea with charisma coaching is each week you learn a particular charismatic skill and each charisma coaching session builds of each other. The whole program can take up to 8 weeks, however, like driving a car the true learning is when you are in the real world after you have passed your driving test. The Sessions are 60 minute long so they are a small commitment in time to develop yourself that is certainly worth it.

How Do You Measure Progress?

One of the best ways you can see if charisma coaching is worth it is at the start of the charisma coaching program you will be asked to complete a ‘Charisma Assessment’. This is to be completed by yourself and several people within your circle such as family, friends, or colleagues. This gives clients a great benchmark to see how others perceive them and how they see themselves. Once the charisma coaching program is complete you will review the original document to identify areas of progress. You will also receive regular feedback during homework exercises and through the charisma concierge, which will be your coach giving you daily advice and support when needed.

Which Program is Right For You?

When considering charisma coaching and coming to a decision if it is worth it will come down to your requirements. Some people just want a quick program to refresh the skills they already have, and others require an in-depth 360 support program. If you want to get the maximum amount of benefit from charisma coaching then just 1 session will not change your life, the benefit is when you are working to develop your skills over a long period. I have put together a few examples of programs that are on offer at Art of Charisma:

is charisma coaching worth it?

Comparing Costs of Charisma Coaching

When it comes to self-development there are a lot of products on the market. For example, I was speaking to a client who had read hundreds of books on charisma, they felt they got amazing value from the $20 they spent on each book. This is great to hear, but they didn’t feel like they were improving their charisma, which can be a challenge with products like books as you have to create a habit of remembering and using the skills they are learning, which they never did.

The other option was to opt for some online courses for around $600 which is a great introduction to the world of charisma, however, while online products can be a useful resource, charisma is a practical skill and digital courses do not provide the practical elements to develop charisma. There are different ways to learn, you can listen to something, you can watch something or you can DO something. Digital courses fail to deliver the main way people learn by using the skills they are learning.

Now we have live online charisma coaching which is the most expensive option which can be £1,000 or more per program. Coaching gives clients the practical elements that the first two do not deliver on, plus they also include vibrant discussion and video analysis so that clients are engaged in their learning and retain more information. However let’s compare Charisma coaching to something like Executive coaching, both have their place and can be beneficial. Think of it this way, when you are sick you who to a GP (General Doctor) who will give you a rough diagnosis and provide some degree of support, but let’s say you have a problem with your head, you do not go to a GP because they have general knowledge, you go to a head specialist and not only that you want the best one! Executive coaching is a lot like a GP, they know about business, life, marketing, sales, leadership, and communication they are a jack of all trades, but a charisma coach is like the head surgeon, a master in their field.

The Bottom Line

When considering “Is charisma coaching worth it?” you have to ask yourself how big is the problem you have. Is the fact that you cannot get a promotion affecting your success? Is the lack of friendships affecting your life? Are you happy being forgettable? If your answer is no then charisma coaching would be worth it for you.

Next Steps

If you are ready to take the next step on your charisma journey then book your discovery call to learn more about charisma coaching and how it can help you.