Charisma tutoring

Charisma Tutoring (Everything You need to Know!)

If you are looking to inspire your team, improve their performance, or level up your leadership skills, then charisma tutoring can help you. If you find yourself getting overlooked for opportunities, struggling to connect with mentors or those in high status, and want to create meaningful connections with others, you can begin your charisma tutoring journey by scheduling your discovery call by clicking below:

What is a Charisma Tutor?

A charisma tutor is a highly specialized form of coaching and training. They have been trained in the art of negotiation, rapport building, storytelling, communication, emotional intelligence, and leadership so that they can effectively identify your weaknesses and support you accordingly. They can help you develop your own brand of charisma so that you can become more memorable, immediately trustworthy, and have influence over others. They do this by providing you with methods, techniques, and strategies specific to your situation and conducting analysis, activities, and charisma sessions to improve your skills to ultimately become charismatic.

Can You Learn Charisma?

Absolutely! Charisma has a reputation for being a mystical ability, when in fact it is a range of soft skills that, when applied, can create the aura of charisma. When you see a charismatic person, it can be difficult to describe what it is they are actually doing. Is it confidence? Is it good conversation? Is it positivity? The truth is all of these and more! During your charisma tutoring session, you will learn about each of the core components of charisma so that you can improve your skill set and become fantastically charismatic. Here are a few elements of charisma:

  • Creating a great first impression
  • Having deep and meaningful conversations
  • Showcasing leadership
  • Building confidence
  • Assertiveness
  • Storytelling to convey ideas
  • Building rapport
  • Active listening
  • Understanding personality
  • Body Language

You can start to see the picture of charisma forming. It goes without saying that if you learn one of these skills, you will be great at that particular skill; however, the charisma effect begins when you perfect all of them and can do them simultaneously.

Benefits of Charisma Tutoring

Charisma Tutoring

Developing charisma and personal magnetism can have a range of positive impacts on both your professional and personal life, including:

  • Getting more opportunities
  • Having others buy into your big idea
  • Becoming more memorable in team meetings and job interviews
  • Influencing others to listen to you
  • Boosting your confidence in social settings
  • Having new clients knocking on your door
  • Increasing your likability factor
  • Being seen as a leader and not someone boring
  • Handling conflict and resolution
  • Negotiating successfully
  • Communicating smoothly and authentically
  • Projecting positivity and authority

We could go on! It is necessary to understand that while charisma can bring a range of benefits, it’s important to know that charisma must be conducted with authenticity. Charisma must not be used to deceive or manipulate; being authentic and genuine is a key element of being charismatic.

Who is Charisma Tutoring for?

Charisma Tutoring

Charisma tutoring can have a positive impact on a range of individuals. You will see a real return on investment if you are in the following categories:

  • In a leadership position
  • Needing to influence and persuade others
  • Having to build rapport with staff, investors, and board members
  • Needing to be more memorable in meetings
  • Wanting to climb the career ladder
  • Looking to have more meaningful connections
  • Needing to increase confidence
  • Having to become an effective communicator
  • Aspiring leaders
  • Looking to have a fulfilling personal life
  • Building a social network
  • Networking with high-level executives

Charisma tutoring can have a profound impact on anyone, from a CEO of a Fortune 500 company to a graduate fresh out of university. The key to charisma tutoring is if you are engaging, communicating, or presenting to people, then you can have a direct benefit, as charisma tutoring is all about how you interact with others and how you can improve your skills to benefit yourself professionally or personally.

What happens in a Charisma tutoring Session?

Charisma tutoring

A charisma tutoring session can be broken down into three parts: structure, discussion, video analysis, and activities. Each element will add a new dimension of learning to improve the student’s skills and abilities. Here we will review each section:


Within the first section of charisma tutoring, the coach and the client will have an open floor to discuss challenges, issues, ideas, and theories that the client is potentially facing. While this is primarily led by the client, the coach/tutor will offer support, advice, and techniques to help solve the problems the client is having. It may also be common for the coach/tutor to challenge the client’s mindset to get them to think about their actions. As it’s an open forum, the client can feel safe in sharing their thoughts and opinions to discuss.

Video Analysis

To continue the learning through the charisma tutoring session, the coach will have a portfolio of clips for the client to review. The clips will show infamously charismatic and not-so-charismatic people, with the aim of showing you the techniques in practice while also showing what to avoid. These videos will be tailored to the client’s situation so that they can get a full understanding of the strategies at work.


This section of the charisma tutoring will focus on the practical side of charisma. After learning the theory and seeing it in action, you will now put it into practice through a range of activities and role-playing scenarios. Clients particularly enjoy these sections because they provide the most amount of learning; they are put in a situation that may be uncomfortable, but that is where they find they learn the most. They could be talking to a high-level executive, a Starbucks barista, or a famous author; each activity builds upon the techniques learned in the discussion stage.

How much is Charisma tutoring?

Charisma tutoring

The cost of charisma tutoring does vary from client to client, depending on their specific needs and services. Our pricing offers a comprehensive guide on how we price our work. There are a number of factors which contribute to the cost of charisma tutoring:

  • The level of work required prior to each tutoring session
  • How much specialization and personalization is needed
  • The number of tutoring sessions required
  • How many additional resources will be required?

Art of Charisma offers tutoring in the form of programs such as 3 and 6-month programs where you will get 1 tutoring session per week. This helps clients as each week you can build on the previous session.

Charisma tutoring sessions last 1 hour and can cost between $200-$800 per hour.

Next Steps

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