Charisma on Command Review

5 Best Charisma Coach Youtube Channels

There are millions of self-help YouTube channels, however improving your charisma is a very specific skill. The best charisma coach YouTube channels you should watch to improve your charisma are Charisma on Command, YourCharismaCoach, Science of People, School of Life, and Vinh Giang. If you are ready to begin your charisma journey and would like to get more opportunities, become more memorable, and have deeper connections then book your discovery call for charisma coaching below:

5 Best Charisma Coach Youtube Channels

Can YouTube Improve Your Charisma?

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YouTube can provide an amazing resource of hours of helpful and practical tips, techniques, and strategies to develop your charisma. Learning skills on YouTube is now a common practice, if you want to improve your golf swing to learn how to bake sourdough bread, YouTube is the place to go and so it only makes sense that you turn to the platform to develop your charismatic leadership qualities. Many YouTube channels cover the topic of charisma in a video here and there, however, the list I have created is solely for charisma coach channels which are dedicated to the development of communication, soft skills, and of course charisma.

5 Best Charisma Coach YouTube Channels

Let’s get a little more detail as to what makes these charisma coach YouTube channels so special!

Charisma on Command

With over 6.6 million subscribers on YouTube, Charisma on Command is by far one of the biggest channels dedicated to helping people develop charisma. Charlie Houpert the founder of Charisma on Command, provides really practical tips that you can use immediatly after watching one of his videos. What I love most about the Charisma on Command videos is that they analyze successful charismatic people such as Robert Downey JR, Chris Evans, and Emma Watson and break down exactly what they do and what makes them so charismatic.

Each video covers a different technique or tip that you can use in both your personal and professional life. They even have their course which I have reviewed and you can read that on the Charisma on Command Review.

Your Charisma Coach

Marcus who is the OG Charisma Coaching (and I would say personal friend of mine) is the founder of the Your Charisma Coach YouTube Channel. Your Charisma Coach covers a range of topics, however, Marcus does focus in the more social and conversational charisma which is vital within anyone’s personal life. His YouTube channel can help you become more memorable, create deeper connections, help with those awkward moments, and even help you start a conversation with someone in the street!

Your Charisma Coach YouTube Channel has been going for 14 years which is an incredible accomplishment. I would recommend watching Marcus’ channel because even his videos from years ago can 100% apply today.

Science of People

Vanessa Van Edwards who is the founder of the Science of People YouTube Channel is a self-proclaimed ‘Recovering Awkward Person’ and researcher. What I love most about her channel is she explores the science and human behavior behind what makes people charismatic. Her techniques are backed by her own research, however, they are all very practical. She has written two books including ‘Captivate’ which I would recommend and ‘Cues’ which is also fantastic.

Vanessa practices what she preaches, she exudes warmth and leadership which is exactly what you want from someone charismatic. Her viewsers love her fun and playful delivery style of the tips, strategies and techniques you can use to become charismatic.

School of Life

The School of Life YouTube channel creates content not only around charisma but also building relationships in general. This a positive resource to use if you are looking to level up your charisma because The School of Life dives into topics such as seduction, approaching strangers, philosophy, and romance which adds elements of complexity and nuance to the topic of charisma. The YouTube Channel has over 8 Million subscribers and creates weekly videos around the above topics.

Vin Ghaing

If you are just at the beginning of your charisma and communication journey then Vinh Giang is a great place to start. Vinh is a huge personality, when he talks he does it with passion and enthusiasm, which is incredibly infectious and makes you want to learn more. He is a trained magician and you can really tell that he brings the same showmanship into his tutorials, he even throws in a couple of card tricks! His main content is around YouTube Shorts rather than long-form videos, however, that shouldn’t put you off, I am always impressed by how much value he can squeeze into a 30s clip. His tips are very actionable, you can use what he teaches word for word and it can be applied in the real world.

What Can You Learn From YouTube?

Each of these Charisma Coach YouTube channels brings its own perspective on the topic of charisma. It’s important to know that charisma is just a series of soft skills that when used can create meaningful connections with others. Here is what you can learn from Charisma Coach YouTube Channels:

  • How to initiate conversations
  • How to keep conversations going
  • How to tackle awkward silences
  • How to use your body language
  • How to speak to new people
  • How to communicate more effectively

Charisma Youtube VS Charisma Coaching

Charisma coach youtube

There is no doubt that YouTube can be a fantastic resource for developing your charisma, the challenge you will have is that you will understand the theory of charisma but there are no practical elements to it. Watching YouTube videos, reading books, and listening to podcasts all give great information, but it is down to YOU to implement the techniques. Charisma coaching provides not only the theory but a range of activities, role-playing scenarios, and games to enhance your skills and get you out of your comfort zone. Charisma coaching creates a safe environment for you to practice what you learn and develop. YouTube videos give you a great starting point but if you want to take your charisma to the next level then you will need charisma coaching.

Next Steps

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